Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kallie's Dermatology Appointment

We saw Dr. Swain today and had a great appointment. Dr. Swain thinks that we are doing a great job with Kallie and that she is a happy baby, but we knew that already! :) She said that what her skin looks like now is what we can expect for the long term but it may get a bit better. She said that once she gets to be a teenager we can Acutain (sp?) and that will do wonders for it. We asked her about a compound that another mom suggested and she was open to using it. Its a compound with propylene glycol in it and her only concern was that it is in everything from potato chips to iodine so she wanted to make sure Kallie didn't develop an allergy to the propylene glycol. She said that there was no literature out there to suggest that she would be any more likely to develop an allergy but she just wanted that to be a consideration. I told her that my biggest concern for Kallie is comfort from the itching but I was not willing to risk a health concern or allergy for cosmetic reasons at this point. We discussed it a little more and decided that we would try this at a weak strength and go from there to see how it does.

She wanted to talk to compound pharmacist and he was not sure how they needed to formulate it so I now have the information for the pharmacist that compounded the stuff for our friend we are going to put the two pharmacists in contact with each other and get it going for us. I am excited to try it b/c it has made a huge difference for this other child! Big thanks to Morgan for the suggestion!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on the Girls!

I haven't updated in a while so I figured while I was hear about the ENT appointments and my good call with the TSA I would update on the girls too!

Kallie -- She will be a year old in a little over two weeks! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the days til she would arrive. She is finally sleeping through the night, I have NO idea what changed nor do I really care, I am just glad she is sleeping! Her skin is doing well. We had a hard time with her face for a week or so but I changed things up a bit and it seems to have worked wonders. Her face looks fantastic as does her back and belly. Her arms and legs are still a challenge but we are working hard on them too! We are having a birthday party for her this Saturday, just something small at the house because we will be in Mexico for her actual birthday. Her Aunt Ali is getting married that day so we will have to two celebrations!

Kennedy Jane -- She is doing great and sassy as ever! She is really excited about being the flower girl at Aunt Ali's wedding and that's all she talks about is getting married, flowers, princes, kisses for marrying, it goes on and on and is too stinkin cute!

I love my girls!

Getting ready for Mexico -- Good call with TSA

We leave for Mexico in 12 days and I have been thinking about how best to travel with all the lotion we will need for Kallie, how I can make it fit into small containers and those said small containers fit in a gallon ziploc bag. I got on TSA's website and found their section on medical needs and it wasn't clear. It stated that the medications were not required to meet the standards for 3-1-1 however, I didn't see anything on non-prescription stuff. I called the TSA and actually spoke with a very friendly and helpful person who said that as long as I notified the screener of what I had and that it was for a medical reason it would not be a problem. That all sounds good but I went ahead and took it a step further and asked if it would prudent of me to request a letter from our pediatrician stating Kallie's condition and the lotions we use to treat them since they are over the counter. She said that it would be a good idea to just present that to the screener along with the lotions that we use and then it will not be a problem. So I feel good about that. Sometimes I love that I can be so OCD and such a planner!

Kallie & Kennedy Jane's ENT Appointments!

Kallie had her 3 month follow-up ENT appointment and it went REALLY well! This time she barely cried and it seem like the process was much faster this time. I am hoping it's because the build-up is getting less and as she gets older her ear canals grow and it doesn't get built up as fast. We go back in 3 months again to have them cleaned out.

We also had KJ checked out b/c she snores and the pedi just wanted us to make sure all was well and he said that her tonsils are normal and everything looks good!

Yay for two good reports!

Friday, April 16, 2010

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battle Royale with Kallie

I have made the decision that Kallie is going to have to learn to go to sleep and stay asleep on her own, and is not going to eat until at least 4am, if not 5am. I am tired of the midnight buffet, I am tired of rocking her to sleep time and time again, and getting up two and three times in the night to rock her again. She is really trying my patience and my will with this. She has leanred how to sit herself up in her bed and its only a matter of time until she is standing. She will sit up and then get mad b/c she can't figure out how to lay herself back down. It is getting better as she is going back to sleep but last night she was up every other hour all night long. I didn't have to go in there but once but it still wakes me up . I am SO tired and SO ready for a good night's sleep!